Plant and Yard facilities at No. 9 Tuas Drive 1, Singapore 638676

Office Space: Approximately 5,620 sq. ft

Cover Workshop Area: Approximately 50,000 sq. ft. Covered area plus warehouse

Outside Area: Approximately 10,000 sq. ft outside storage area.

Coating Storage: Temperature controlled storage for coating materials.

Industrial Coating Equipment

Four (4) units High Temperature Industrial Baking Ovens - temperature range from 0 to 750F(400C). Internal size 8 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft. Complete with Electrical panel for semi- automated processing.

Three (3) Coating Spray Booths (8 ft x 10 ft x 8 ft high) approximately 80 sq. ft each. Complete with Vacuum System for air filtration

Three (3) Enclosed Blasting Cabinets (10 ft x 12 ft x 10 Ft High) approximately 120 sq. ft each, complete with Dust Collector with Collection Hopper, outside the building

Three (3) 500-lb Blasting Pots for different blasting media types and grit sizes

Two (2) Micro Blast units for fine blast work

One (1) Mini Blast Cabinet for small hand held items

1 Unit enclosed, single Lance internal pipe blasting equipment for Range 2 tubulars complete with blast pot, grit recovery system with hopper and dust collector, with electrical panel for semi automated processing.

1 Unit primer or liquid coating dolly complete with lance for Range 2 tubulars and various pipe sizes, from 1.6 thru 7. Complete with electrical panel for semi-automated processing.

1 Unit conveyor curing oven with variable temperature range from 0 to 750F (400C) Size for Range 2 tubulars, complete with electrical panel for semi-automated processing.

One (1) complete line for Range 1 tubulars, consisting of a vacuum pump, hopper, adjustable membrane cabinet, associated recovery system, complete with electrical panel for semi-automated processing.





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