Specialised baked on Coatings for corrosion control on, on manufactured Subsea Wellhead components, the application is used  for lubricity on studs, nuts and bolts for land & sub-sea use.

We offer Parkerising and Phosphating anti-gall treatment for various components, such as Annular BOP’s up to 29-1/2” size.

We offer external blasting and anti corrosion coatings for various items for sub-sea use such as risers connections etc.


Types of Coatings Presently Applied – Powders or Liquids

          Xylan – (Whitford) All series.
          Teflon (Dupont)
          Epoxy / Novolac

The other services we offer are 

          Grit Blasting (Aluminium Oxide) – for pipe
          OD and ID

          Pressure Water Blast Cleaning


          Mechanical Cleaning of pipe from 2-3/8”
          dia to 20” dia up to 40 ft lengths.

          Applications of rust preventative materials
          for storage purposes.





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